Sons of Africa

Last night we went to La Brise in Yammosoukro for a meal as one of our bosses had been visiting and was leaving in the morning.

La Brise is a quite popular restaurant down by the lake, close to the presidential palace in central Yammosoukro. I’ve been there a few times and really enjoy the food.

Anyway, my diet in Côte d’Ivoire basically revolves around fish, chicken and rice, so whenever I get the chance to have anything but those staples I jump right on it. I had a pizza!

Anyway, whilst consuming this glorious pizza (they make awesome pizzas in a clay stove), with someone singing Phil Collins songs in the background, the peace was shattered by police sirens and flashing blue lights! As the police came into view, an army of blokes on Japanese and British imported motorbikes roared onto the scene!

Following these beast bikes was a mass of locals wanting to get a look as these marvels of engineering. The bikers parked up at the restaurant and went to get food.

Suddenly the buzz was about these bikes, you don’t see bikes like this normally. You usually see 50cc equivalents that don’t look particularly road worthy! People were sitting on the bikes getting their photos taken and comparing the Japanese racers and classic style British bikes!  Others were talking about how it was their dream to own such majestic contraptions.

It was all very cool! I wish I’d got a photo!


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