The Columnar Jointing Project

So, the reason I’ve resurrected this blog is because I am currently undergoing a bit project. The project, as the title suggests, is to visit as many columnar jointed locations as possible and write about them! This might sound like a tall order, but I’ve already started!

  • Giants Causeway – Northern Ireland
  • Fingal Head – QLD, Australia
  • Kilt Rock – Skye, Scotland
  • Mount Beerwah – QLD, Australia

These locations have already been visited, with another trip planned to Raoul Point in Tasmania in December, I’m well on the way. However, it does appear that there are multiple locations all over the world and even on Mars with columnar jointed volcanics. I guess the thing I have to think about now is ‘do I only visit the spectacular sites?’as some sites may be more aesthetically pleasing, or ‘does composition matter?’  as some columnar jointed sites basic and a few others are felsic? The big one though is ‘how accessible are some of these sites?’, I don’t want to be walking through a warzone or minefield or something like that!

A quick google search has found around 150 sites on Earth and 1 on Mars!

I think I need to set myself some ground rules!


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